Tyler Andere is one of the founders of Portals music, an online music publication and does A&R for Father/Daughter Records and Elestial Sound. Though he has opinions about the indie music industry and doesn’t hold back from sharing them, he keeps a generally positive attitude about the landscape and does everything he can to champion authentic and diverse creators.

In this conversation, Tyler shares his take on the Austin music scene, how he got into A&R essentially on accident, how he scouts talent and what it looks like to explore digital spaces without trusting the algorithm, advice to musicians and press people pitching to labels, and more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • what’s surprising about Austin’s music scene
  • how he scouts new talent in today’s digital era + what A&R is
  • the importance of having a point of view and your own story as it relates to your discoveries as an A&R person
  • what types of press emails he considers
  • the importance of listening to music in different contexts
  • what he looks for in an artist across genres
  • the different ways in which Father/Daughter supports their artists throughout their journeys
  • how creative industries have always been a wild, wild west
  • how the mainstream music media uses verbiage that erases all the indie labels and publications who helped foster an artist’s success before they “got big”
  • why you should do something because it’s fun or you’re driven to do it, not just because you think it’ll be successful
  • his journey to where he is today
  • the realities of owning and working for a small business today
  • how he’s most attracted to artists who are doing what’s most true to them musically and aesthetically
  • the difference between doing A&R for smaller indie labels vs bigger ones vs big labels
  • advice to artists pitching their music to him

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