Trevor Peterson is the founder and owner of Fire Talk records, an independent record label representing artists spanning genres and styles. Fire Talk celebrated its ten year anniversary in 2019 and represent artists and bands such as Deeper, Dehd, Fran, Corey Flood, Dark Tea, Patio, Media Jeweler, Weeping Icon, among many others. Trevor was also in the band, Woodsman for many years dedicating most of his professional life to music.

In this episode, we talked about the balance of being a parent and business owner in the music industry and NYC, the realities of running a music label today, placing efforts between digital and physical music distribution, what it takes to grow a record label, switching focus from band to label, advice for those interested in starting a label, and way more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • the experience of raising a child in New York City
  • how being a dad has helped him better manage and optimize his time
  • the benefits, detractions, and realities of streaming platforms
  • the nuances of today’s listening preferences
  • taking some of the curatorial control back from tech companies
  • how albums are thoughtfully designed to be listened to from start to finish
  • how streaming has impacted march sales positively
  • why Fire Talk focuses on physical media
  • what it means to run an artist-first label
  • how physical media encourages full engagement between fan and artist
  • how music builds communities and the way in which that keeps the humanities alive
  • maintaining relationships with record stores
  • switching his focus from full-time touring band to the record label and the difference it made
  • going from a casual endeavor to a serious business
  • what it takes to truly grow a record label
  • the value of being able to take risks as an independent label
  • why 2009/2010 were such big years for indie record labels to start
  • using data to cut through the noise
  • ways to reach younger audiences today
  • the concept of artists and labels growing together
  • what he misses about touring
  • how everyone in the music industry has to have “another gig”
  • advice to folks wanting to start a record label

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