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Tia Meyers is a freelance marketing consultant working mostly with hospitality and restaurant brands. She’s also the founder of Freelancing Females, a community redefining the 9-to-5. Freelancing Females started a year ago as a Facebook Group and now has almost 11,000 highly engaged members around the globe and is growing by 1,000 members/month. And Tia has big plans for it.

In this episode, Tia and I talk about the challenges and highlights of freelancing, what it cost to be self-employed, how to build a pipeline of business, the importance of pay transparency, and more.

Show notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • When it makes sense to go freelance
  • How non-payment issues are common for freelancers and how Tia overcame that problem
  • Health insurance and healthcare as a freelancer
  • Sustaining a career as a freelancer and managing an inconsistent income flow
  • The importance of having a savings account and cushion as a freelancer
  • How Tia finds new clients and builds a consistent pipeline of work
  • Why being you is your best marketing tactic
  • Working with small budgets as a freelancer
  • Combining high-paying clients with passion clients
  • How your social media channels are the new portfolio no matter what your work is
  • The importance of a clear bio
  • How’s she plans to sustain Freelancing Females
  • How side projects can be business development tools
  • How Tia balances work and life through delegation
  • The importance of being vocal about our pay rates
  • The cost of being a freelancer

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