Selena Vidya is one of the busiest people I know but you wouldn’t know it talking to her. She keeps her cool while speaking as an SEO expert, running a full-stack marketing agency, multiple e-commerce shops, a podcast, and a newly launched online course for outreach. Oh and she’s also an actor, screenwriter, and producer. I’m tired just typing it out but the woman manages to maintain admirable energy levels while working hard to keep her sanity.

In this episode, we talk about how she does it all, the role health and fitness play in finding balance, storytelling, time and energy management, virtual reality, being a creative in LA, and more.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • how all her projects have a common thread
  • what marketing and acting have in common
  • storytelling from a “bigger picture” perspective
  • her effective approach to time blocking for focus
  • health eating and exercise for sustained energy levels
  • how meditation has helped improve her clarity
  • the power sleep has on creativity
  • her daily routine
  • how to say no to protect your time
  • balancing business with art
  • dimension jumping (ok, the dimension jumping subreddit)
  • how she got to the point of doing things she wants to do, not should do
  • leveraging the internet to find a community around the things you’re interested in
  • being business partners with her husband and how it’s been positive for their relationship
  • being a creative in LA

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