Hi, hello! Welcome back to The Process. We’re stoked to be back at it. This episode is a quick 10-minute intro sharing what to expect from this season and what we’ve been up to.

These upcoming episodes were recorded when I was a resident at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, CO. Both of which are magical places. I had the honor and pleasure of recording conversations with my fellow residents and several members of the community. The result was this series of conversations about the conservation of time, energy, creativity, and physical resources. We spoke with socially engaged artists, farmers, water rights administrators, earth ship creators, and more. I walked away from these conversations feeling inspired, renewed, and ready to be more mindful about the way I was moving through life. I hope you take something from them as well.

We’re calling this season “sustainability is a buzzword” because I think I’m funny, but also because we feel it’s important to remember the core meaning of some of these terms that become diluted when over-used. Yes, sustainability is a buzzword, but the concept of preserving time, energy, resources, and creativity is timeless.

Elsewhere Studios is an unconventional residency space focused on creating inclusive multi-disciplinary programming around socially engaged art, environmental activism, Native American culture, and more. They’ve also launched a parent residency and are working with universities near and far on educational programs. Definitely check them out and if interested, apply to be a resident!

In terms of what we’ve been up to over the break, I drove across the country again and took a full-time job as a brand writer at a music tech company in New York. I’m back in Brooklyn for now with potential plans to bounce around again later this year. I’m also still freelancing on the side, working on The Process, of course, and a fun photo project with Hannah!

Hannah quit her job (yay!) and is going freelance after taking a bit of a much-deserved break. She’s an incredible designer, marketer, brand strategist, and collaborator and I can’t say enough great things about working with her. She makes this project so seamless, it’s amazing. (Have you seen our new homepage?!) Follow along with her to be notified when she relaunches her website and is taking on new clients.

We also have a third member of the team now, meet Lonnie Webb! Lon is running our Instagram and has already elevated our brand and improved our social media presence so much, it’s bonkers. He’s also a full-time photographer in Seattle, WA and has the most adorable family. I’ve been truly enjoying seeing him dig through our archives and provide his creative perspective on past episodes.

Big thanks to past guest, Jeffrey Silverstein for letting us use his song “Given the Light” from his EP, How on Earth as this season’s intro music. It is the perfect fit.

As always, if y’all can help us spread the word by sharing the podcast with a friend or leaving a rating/review, it’s greatly appreciated. Much love. – Shannon