This episode is a part of a mini-season titled, “Sustainability is a Buzzword”. A series of conversations about conservation, water, agriculture, creativity, and everyday life. They took place in Paonia, CO as part of an artist-in-residence program at the ever-magical Elsewhere Studios. 

Scott Horner runs Small Potatoes Farm and Bakery with his partner in Paonia, Colorado. Having started his journey in architecture school Scott and his family have lived all over the U.S., eventually landing in Paonia where they happily call home. Passionate about permaculture, and self-taught in many areas, Scott shared how to design a sustainable farm, his use of technology in doing so, the effects fo the draught on the farming community, and how its members work together to share resources. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • what brought him and his family to Paonia 
  • the benefits of traveling and moving around
  • the farming ecosystem in Paonia and how farms work together 
  • the impact of the drought on their farm 
  • what permaculture is and how he picks up new tricks 
  • how permaculture produces a healthier ecosystem including the people who live on the land 
  • the benefits of small farmers from the producer’s and consumer’s perspective 
  • the importance of food education among children and how farms can help low-income or rural areas 
  • his journey from architecture school to farming 
  • the role of technology in sustaining his farm and career 
  • the upfront investment that goes into starting a farm and the financial risk of drought 
  • ways to resist droughts and erosion 
  • how to produce plants and food at any scale 
  • the threat of fracking on their small town and its water supply 
  • the importance of regulation 
  • Scott’s outlook on money 
  • how doing deliveries via bike changed his biz model 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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