In this episode, Mia Braverman, founder of the public art project, What Is a Reason You Get Up in the Morning? and Cita Stationary shares her insights on fostering inclusivity and creating change by embracing your authenticity in your actions. She also shares a ton of actionable tips for makers on how to get their products into boutiques.

Mia was born in the Santa Monica, CA area and raised in Kauai Hawaii. She started writing music and playing the ukulele in high school. She’s an artist and maker. She also lived in Japan for a while where she performed everything from world music to indie folk music with friends. She went to school in the Bay Area for education and social justice, where she launched A Reason.

Today, she makes beautiful stationery, develops public art programs, writes and sometimes performs music, has worked with a woodworker, and just left her job managing a beautiful home goods store to pursue a career in the nonprofit arts world, which of course makes a ton of sense. Listen to the episode below and check out the highlights below that. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • the power of community projects
  • tips for moving to Japan
  • how she (surprisingly) started playing live music and collaborating with musicians in Japan
  • growing into vulnerability with age
  • turning real-life challenges and life phases into an art project
  • using goals and projects for tools in increasing self-confidence
  • asking without fear of no when finding a home for or promoting your projects
  • finding diversity in your audience by moving it to different geographic locations
  • being motivated to do something good in our own voice in shitty times
  • embracing your own voice and doing what feels right to you
  • narrowing down the big picture by working on the small steps

Books, podcasts, and resources she mentioned:

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