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Meg Duffy is an incredibly talented musician who writes, records, and performs as Hand Habits. She was the lead guitarist for the Kevin Morby band for four years, played with a band called Better Pills before that, among several others prior. Now, she has signed with the record label, Saddle Creek with a second full-length album coming out this March, along with a tour. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • New responsibilities that come with taking the lead and becoming a boss
  • Lessons learned on her first solo tour after leaving the KM band
  • The value of having a team
  • Her musical journey from a competitive marching band to moving to LA and everything in between
  • Challenges in finding her identity as a songwriter and how she overcame them
  • Finding a community in music
  • The story of how she was outted
  • The process of learning what she wanted her music to sound like
  • Going from bedroom recordings to recording in studios with a team
  • Overcoming securities and giving up the comparison game as a songwriter
  • Learning how to sing in a way that’s comfortable for her
  • The power of simplicity in songwriting
  • Battling the writing about her own experience vs. the greater world debate
  • Recording music vs. performing live
  • The value of a slow-burn career and making room for improvement

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