Massimo Mongiardo is an artist specializing in painting, illustration, and murals. He’s worked with skateboard and apparel companies and has completed murals for esteemed organizations such as Win Son Bakery, Maiden Lane, and The Grand Street Settlement in New York, as well as for aWall Mural Projects during Art Basel in Miami, and many more.

In this conversation, he shares his winding path, how he has developed a distinctive style without getting bored or gimmicky, the challenges of pricing and valuing your art, his road to better planning, technical tricks for mural painting, and more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

In this episode, we talked about: 

  • how he found his identifiably style/voice as an artist
  • why finding that style was such a challenge
  • the parts of the drawing process he enjoys most
  • how he avoids getting bored with his style or letting it become a gimmick
  • the various jobs he had in NYC to support himself, from publishing to service to skateboard design
  • how having a dedicated studio space changed his work ethic completely
  • how he’s refined and evolved his concepts to reflect the deeper aspects of simple, everyday life
  • the challenges of pricing your work as an artist and how he’s working through him
  • how he sees better planning and client selection as solutions to creating a more sustainable working foundation
  • ways in which he learns from other people’s processes
  • how learning their technical tricks is so useful for mural work
  • why he stopped sharing his process online

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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