My favorite thing about this episode is that Marti and Kari are getting married on Sunday. 💕 With an education in architecture, Kari is a drafter for a high-end millwork company. She’s also a super talented ceramicist. Marti is a designer and the co-founder of Bridge + Bloom, an innovative branding studio based in St. Petersburg, FL.

Kari and Marti candidly share their journey in learning how to communicate, give each other space, support each other, and evolve together. We also talk a lot about business stuff—essentially the process of figuring it out and learning as you go. I love how different this episode is from all the others. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we covered:

  • Tapping into ancient traditions in a contemporary world
  • Designing work to fit with your ideal personal life
  • How Marti makes sure a client is aligned with B+B’s values and way of working
  • Learning how to take care of yourself as your business evolves
  • Chillin’ as a side hustle
  • Learning to not take a partner’s need for alone time personally
  • Knowing when to take space
  • Finding the happy medium of communication styles between opposites
  • Learning to manage your expectations in a relationship and be your own person
  • Knowing when to hold your own space vs. when to empathize
  • Different forms of self-care without making it one more thing on the to-do list
  • How they connect with their community
  • The value of working for yourself vs. working for others
  • Finding your place to make playful work
  • Envisioning creating a good life for other people
  • Finding enjoyment in failure and the unknown
  • Looking inward when you find yourself projecting
  • The weirdness of social media
  • Why you should go outside and learn about the stars

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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