Lewis Weil is the founder of Money Positive, a financial planning company based in Austin, TX and working with clients across the country.

A biologist for over a decade, Lewis was a self-proclaimed money nerd on the side. When he realized some of the smartest people he knew were clueless when it came to money management, he started dabbling with planning on the side. As he learned the industry wasn’t built to help most people – the average person – he started his own company. What started as a side project turned into a full-time career very quickly.

In this episode, we talked about creating a realistic personal finance system that works for you, how to create a budget that’s not painful, Lewis’ career journey, delegating some of life’s tasks, and more. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we covered:

  • How and why he went from a biologist to a financial planner
  • What a B-Corp is
  • Simple ways to give back
  • Understanding that clients will find him when they’re ready
  • How to build a financial system that works for you
  • Creating realistic expectations around money management
  • What’s wrong with financial literacy
  • Getting a grip on what you’re spending and create a budget
  • Understanding how compounding works
  • Tips for more informed and organized spending
  • The importance of filing quarterly taxes
  • How he makes working on a sliding scale work
  • The software they’re building
  • What it means to be money-positive
  • Taking the shame out of “being broke” and living paycheck to paycheck
  • Hiring people where appropriate to make your life easier

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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