Lani Trock is a multi-talented and multi-faceted artist. She’s been a musician, photographer, ceramicist, website designer, and experiential artist. She makes stunning art installments with plants, flowers, hand-made ceramics, and other found and hand-made objects. She’s done work for Urban Outfitters, Refinery 29, The Standard Hotel, Tappan Collective, and more.

This episode is a long one and we cover a lot of ground. Lani shares her winding journey and how she’s learned to embrace the process of learning who she is, what she wants, and the value of her work. We talk about jobs that pay and jobs that don’t, meditation, mishaps, cosmic happenings, and more. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Lani’s extensive journey and many creative lives
  • Feminist economic theory (seeking integrity in all interactions and finding mutual benefit rather than exploiting one party; nonhierarchical power structures and dynamics)
  • The value of tithing – giving money back to a cause
  • How she cultivates peace through her work
  • Doing work that pushes her to her edges
  • The importance of pausing and reflecting
  • Getting over work slumps (slow times)
  • Doing everything at 150% and learning what she’s capable of
  • Building a sustainable container of work
  • Defining the value of our work and the resistance we face as freelancers
  • Shedding imposter syndrome and becoming her own champion
  • The role meditation has played in placing value on her work
  • Making public spaces beautiful
  • Honoring our past lives and messy steps in between where we are and where we’ve been rather than brushing them under the rug
  • Experimenting with different art forms

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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