Katie Belknap and Solomon Lowenstein are the founders of the Creative Sanctuary in Arcata, CA. I talked all about the organization’s programming with Daniel Nickerson a couple episodes ago.

For my conversation with Katie and Sol, we focused on how they got where they are today and all the other work they do as creatives and craftspeople. That includes owning real estate, gardening, sewing, beekeeping and selling honey, specialized/creative carpentry and preservation work, printmaking, ceramics, and lots of other forms of art.

We also covered how they’ve designed a life to work less and what frugality and richness mean to them, innovate ways to reuse waste, and a whole lot more. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Their artistic backgrounds and family roots in arts
  • Their experience working in landscape in design
  • Choosing a frugal lifestyle to work less
  • How Arcata has and hasn’t changed and how it has impacted their lives
  • How buying an old women’s club and church was a viable financial idea
  • Their approach to buying and financing new properties
  • What gentrification is or isn’t
  • How and where they learned to be frugal
  • What the Donation Dash is and how it started
  • Innovative ways to reuse waste
  • Buying property in the past and today
  • Unique places to find funding
  • How they define happiness
  • Streamlining operations as a community center
  • Responsibility as community leaders
  • Lessons learned along the ways to far in terms of workload
  • The Sanctuary’s multiple revenue streams and how it all works
  • The challenge of having a lot going on without a clear product

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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