I’m honored and excited to share the story of one of my best friends, Katie O’Beirne. I’ve known Katie since high school and her free spirit and drive have always been an inspiration. Earlier this year, she launched Katie’s Goods, small-batch goods for both the kitchen table and pantry. It’s been a crazy year for her, which she dives into in the episode below.

Since recording this episode, Katie took a paid full-time apprenticeship with a woodworking shop and a remote, part-time job teaching English to children in Beijing. She’s slowing down on making baked goods for other people in order to reclaim her love for her work in the kitchen and is still selling at the occasional market. This is just one demonstration of her ability to follow her intuition and do what’s best for her, which I find so admirable. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • making a career/industry shift
  • building and designing a brand/business around the lifestyle you want
  • discovering what works commercially and for yourself
  • giving yourself the freedom to explore, experiment, jump in, pause, and shift
  • the ins and outs of selling goods at a market
  • sustainable decisions, self-preservation and the power and value of saying no
  • the small batch food industry
  • the advantages and disadvantages of turning your passion and craft into a business
  • growing slowly and allowing yourself to learn
  • what happens when you get reported as a small-batch food maker
  • responding to competition with compassion
  • growing awareness authentically and thoughtfully

Books, podcasts, and resources she mentioned:

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