This episode is a part of the “Sustainability is a Buzzword” mini-season: a series of conversations about conservation, water, agriculture, creativity, and everyday life that took place in Paonia, CO. It’s the result of an artist-in-residence program at Elsewhere Studios.

Karen Good is the former Executive Director of Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, Colorado. Elsewhere is an eclectic, radical, experimental, whimsical, grass-roots, rural sci-fi, imaginative residency space in Paonia, Colorado that provides nourishment for the creative soul.

She is also a ceramicist and former teacher. Since Karen and I spoke on my last day as a resident, Carolina Porras took over as Executive Director of Elsewhere. But knowing Karen, she’s still very involved in not just the program, but the larger creative ecosystem in Paonia.

In this episode, we talk all about how the residency program works, the Inspired at Work program, Paonia’s opportunities and challenges, and more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Elsewhere Studio’s origins story 
  • what it took to get the artist residency program going
  • how the program is funded
  • different options for funding sources 
  • the appeal of themed residencies 
  • the inspired at work program 
  • how Colorado has made the arts an economic driver

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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