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Based in Wimberly, TX, Jordan Moser does many things. He’s a retired professional ballet dancer, filmmaker, choreographer, musician, activist, and now a soon-to-be-dad. Although he’s been making and sharing music for most of this life, he released his official debut record, Long Night in 2019 on Austin-based label, Keeled Scales.

In this episode, we talk about his creative and professional evolution, his appetite to always be doing something creative, challenges he faces in pursuing so many interests, his lack of an official practice, what to expect from his next album, and more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • the influence his family of artists had on him
  • how he chose ballet as the art form to focus on
  • the role music played throughout his journey
  • the realities of being a professional ballet dancer and why it’s worth it
  • his improvisational movement practice
  • the challenge of delineating as a multi-hyphenate creative
  • how all his practices feed him in different ways
  • the decision to retire from ballet
  • the magical quality of Austin’s music community
  • finding his artistic identity and voice through limitations
  • the process of recording the album
  • pipeline activity in Texas, getting involved with environmental activism and the influence that has had on his songwriting
  • what to expect from his next record
  • his songwriting process or lack thereof
  • his struggles with good mental hygiene as he tackles so many endeavors
  • being maniacal about one topic at a time
  • the dangers of romanticizing other people’s lives
  • his relationship with the land he’s living on

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