John Lindsey is the founder and owner of The Great Highway, a contemporary art gallery and printing studio located in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset district. It was founded in 2011 and focuses on an appreciation for images and ideas that explore the intersection of land and water.  The gallery’s mission is to support and promote the work of a diverse group of artists who seek sincere stories, challenge conventional thinking, and enlighten us.

As an artist, his mixed-media work explores the intersection of society and nature through photography, photomontage, video, and sculpture. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

In this episode, we talked about: 

  • how he went from the Culinary Academy to working at the SFAI cafe to designer to creative director to artist
  • the idea of feeding and sustaining people visually rather than literally
  • what living and working in the Bay Area was like in the 90s
  • the challenges of adapting to a booming population
  • how The Great Highway came to be
  • running a business that’s fun but not for fun
  • how and why he’s focused on showing work with a connection to the local community
  • his process of curating for the gallery
  • his discomfort with traditional curation and why he changed things up
  • buying work you have a connection vs. buying it because of its value
  • the topsy turvy gallery world of the Bay Area
  • making creative changes to sustain your life
  • the process behind his personal artwork

Resources mentioned:

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