*Photo by Chantal Anderson.*

Jess Williamson is a musician and photographer. She has released three full-length albums, the latest being Cosmic Wink on Mexican Summer in 2018. Originally from Texas, now living in Los Angeles, Jess shares the routines she uses to stay fresh and creative, why she loves touring, risks she’s taken for her career, thoughts on manifestation, the dangers of the comparison, and the beauty of perspective. We also talk about how her record deal works, how she pieces together different streams of creative income, and more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • her love of touring
  • why she likes to sell her own merchandise
  • the differences between her audiences in the US and Europe
  • the dangers of the comparison game with other creatives
  • the importance of perspective and reflecting on your own goals and accomplishments
  • how the journey never looks like you think it will
  • surrounding yourself with “expanders” or people who reflect the things you want to accomplish
  • how artists make a living through touring and syncs/licensing today
  • growing past certain ‘punk rock ideals’ when it comes to her art
  • the dilemma of being paid by brands you have an ethical conflict about
  • why 30 is a weird age
  • the scariness of having to make a career pivot at 33
  • the value of multiple creative outlets
  • the magic of film photography
  • how her secret longing to do music drove her to leave grad school
  • why she first started writing songs on a banjo
  • how she signed with Mexican Summer
  • how she sustains financially by piecing things together
  • treating songwriting as a practice
  • Cat Power’s advice to Jess
  • how to choose collaborators or record labels

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