Jess Kenny is a writer, podcaster, and yoga teacher. Based in San Francisco, CA, she made a career transition last year from full-time yoga teacher to copywriter. In that transition, she started a podcast called For When  You for helping people cope with some of life’s most difficult changes.

Jess and her guests share stories about the more serious decisions life presents while finding humor in each. Topics range from quitting your job to suicide, from getting cancer to losing a baby, from starting businesses to traveling the world. She just launched Season Two and the first episode is hilarious. Be sure to check it out.

In this episode of The Process, Jess shares how she learned to get comfortable with change, starting something in new territory, learning as you go, and how one person being vulnerable gives another permission to talk about their road bumps openly and honestly:

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Figuring out how to do new things as you go
  • Knowing when to move on or change things up
  • Looking for answers to your problems outside yourself and how to turn inwards
  • Looking for the light or the humor in the dark stuff
  • Giving yourself permission to suck when trying something new
  • Different ways to quit your job, or not quit it
  • Letting your first step be the first step
  • How vulnerability gives people permission to talk about their own issues and challenges
  • Being real with yourself when something’s not for you

In this episode, we mentioned:

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