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Jeffrey Silverstein is a musician, writer, and educator. He just released his first solo EP titled How on Earth on Driftless Recordings and has played in Secret Mountains and Nassau. He has contributed his writing to Bandcamp Daily, Reverb, Vinyl Me Please, Aquarium Drunkard, Smith Journal, and more. He also co-founded Singles Club, which was a subscription 7-inch vinyl club featuring exclusive releases and content.

In our conversation, we talk about his journey, how he balances full-time and creative work, letting projects end, how all of his work informs each other, his new EP, learning to record, and a whole lot more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • how he balances full-time work with creative endeavors
  • knowing his passions and sticking to them
  • the heartbreak of your band splitting or project ending
  • how having an unfulfilling day job left him feeling unmotivated to write or work on passion projects
  • how creative endeavors have helped him sustain a career teaching special need high school students
  • also how they’ve informed his teaching style and curriculum
  • how having the tools has forced him to record his own music
  • the process of focusing on solo projects
  • his experience with an artist residency
  • creating music connected to the natural world
  • how challenging his own beliefs about himself helped him say no to distractions
  • learning how to collaborate on Singles Club
  • the journey to finding a musical style that feels right as an artist
  • what to look for in a good editor
  • Ted Lucas as a musical genius and inspiration
  • the value of sharing your art with at least one other person
  • why he signed with a label
  • how regular exercise has changed his life

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