Jay Sprogell is a director, editor, photographer, jack of all creative trades for Frank Collective, a branding agency. He’s also a freelance director, photographer, and gif-ographer. He makes rad, trippy gifs inspired by wordplay (check out one below!). He’s done work for The Roots, Complex Magazine, Jansport, Chromeo, Cavin Harris x Dua Lipa, and more.

In this episode, Jay shares the process of gif-making, what social media has done for his career, why he went from freelance to a full-time job, and the power of practice to build a body of work you’re proud of. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we covered:

  • How hobbies + side projects can help you develop your creative voice
  • His attitude towards copyright issues when making collages
  • How Jay has gotten commission work through Giphy’s studio
  • The process of gif-ography for clients and for fun
  • His freelance experience and why he took a full-time job
  • What freelance business development looked like for him
  • Using social media as a business tool and finding a balance w/social media consumption
  • The exposure Instagram has given to Jay’s work
  • Playing the comparison game on Instagram
  • How Jay chooses his imagery and his creative process
  • The importance of being proud of your work and taking ownership of your art

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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