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Jacqueline Suskin is a writer and performance poet. She makes a living writing poems on demand based on just a word or phrase given to her by a customer, while following a ‘pay what you can’ model for much of her work. She harnesses and shares the healing powers of poetry at private events, workshops, and through bespoke poems requested via her website. She has also written three beautiful books of poetry.

Jacqueline has a refreshing perspective on letting her business grow and evolve naturally. She doesn’t believe in pushing things based on societal and industry norms but also fully believes in change. She’s in tune with her intuition and is on a mission to help people fully see themselves. We talk about her approach to risk-taking, the challenges of freelance work, and a whole lot more in this episode. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we covered:

  • How Jacquline became a full-time poet and sustained her career over the past nine years
  • How she always knew what she was meant to do
  • The healing powers of her work and how it helps people see themselves
  • Listening to her intuition in letting her business evolve naturally
  • Practicing empathy while also protecting your energy
  • Why the pay what you can model has worked for her
  • Next steps for her business model
  • The importance of patience in a freelance career
  • Balancing focus and being open to new opportunities
  • Maintaining her routines and spiritual practice even when traveling
  • How learning to say no has led to incredible personal growth
  • The challenges of being your own boss
  • The importance of self-care for her work
  • How understanding her purpose allows her to take risks and make changes
  • The realities of publishing a book and its financial success today
  • A special story about hearing and seeing people with different viewpoints

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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