Isis Hockenos is a painter working mostly in oils and creating narrative-based works. Until recently, she also worked in the culinary and arts departments at a mixed-use creative space and venue called The Midway. Previously, she worked as a butcher and in other food-related projects. She recently moved to LA and continues to focus on her painting and continue curatorial work.

We talked about coming into your own and finding a sense of self internally and through your work, the importance of spending time alone, the Marin County and Bay Area arts scene, trends she sees in the community, establishing flexible work schedules to accommodate an art practice, and more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • the strong influence her parents had on her journey
  • how she’s established a flexible schedule that works with her workflow
  • how having a job in the arts positively impacted her art practice
  • her journey from being a butcher and part-time artist to full-time artist
  • the role a grant played in providing stability and security
  • how her life is structured to incorporate studio time and work
  • the West Marin art scene
  • the experience of losing her sense of self in a relationship
  • how her different personal and professional relationships have directly impacted her work and style over time
  • her experience in Greece
  • trends she’s experiencing in the Bay Area arts scene
  • why she’s moving to LA
  • the importance of spending time alone to gain a sense of self

Resources mentioned: 

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