Greg Vegas is the founder and president of International Rescue Artist Development and the record label, Declared Goods. He’s worked with Holy Ship, Little Children, Ed Vallance, Blackstrap, The Heart Of The Sun, Lights On, The Arthur Brothers, Gringo Star, The Radio Dept., and more. He’s also a musician, a well-known saxophone player, and has worked in a variety of roles in the music industry for most of his life.

In this episode, Greg lends his experience and expertise to share scrappy and smart ways to build a career as a musician/band. It was recorded way before the days of covid over the summer of 2019. However, I listened to it through a current/post-covid lens and I think with some critical thinking, these ideas can and should still be applied. Getting in front of eyeballs is still important, being creative in doing so is crucial, getting your team aligned in the early days is a necessity. You have to practice to get better at your art. We cover so much more in this episode. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • his journey into a lifelong music career
  • the late 90s/early 200s NYC music scene
  • the importance of college radio
  • finding your voice on social media as an artist
  • advice for diy distribution
  • pay-to-play programs to beware of
  • how artists need to know their true goal when hiring a manager
  • different potential revenue streams for artists/bands
  • the value of having a team
  • the importance of determining the split between band and team members early
  • the emerging trend of one-top-shop for artist teams
  • the thin line between being “genre-agnostic,” the “playlist genre,” and the emergence of same-sounding music
  • why you should get your shows (or recordings) listed somewhere and why practice is still important
  • how most of music business is googleable
  • how new music apps are funny because no artist has money for them

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