If you’re new here, welcome to The Process! You can learn what we’re all about and who I am by listening to the full episode below or by reading this article.

In this episode, you’ll hear what to expect this season, where the idea for The Process came from, and how this is a giant experiment. I also share clips from upcoming episodes featuring our amazing guests.

Finally, I play our intro song – “Wet Ass Mornin” by Tonstartssbandht – in its entirety. I said I’d share why I choose that song here and for one, I just really love their music. But I choose that song specifically because the lyrics resonate with me right now. I’ve been going to ACA meetings (adult children of alcoholics) for the past few months and have been thinking a lot about recovery of all types. I loved the reference to the serenity prayer in the lyrics (below). (side note – I’m not religious but the serenity prayer isn’t about religion; it’s more of a mantra).

what’s us? we all waitin

heavy emblems of wet ass morning

pro-dubbed, cryin’ quickly.

stay with me occasionally, be on the move

accept the things I can change, wisdom to groove

morning, sweet ecstasy, scum in my skin

the heaviest peace knowing well we can’t win

what’s this? all my waiting

Great, right? 

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into what’s to come. If it left you waningmore, check out our first full episode with Adam Hurly, founder of The Prospectives and freelance journalist. Or our second episode with Jennifer Hauser, Co-Founder of Bohaus Coffee and Flowers in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn.

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Featured photo by Sam Sommer on Unsplash.