Danielle Devereux

Danielle Devereux is the founder of damolade, a digital strategy consultancy in Austin, TX. Originally from Brooklyn, NY with 15 years of experience in marketing, she started damolade ten years go. She works with agencies, nonprofits, and startups on brand, content, SEO, and social media strategies, along with anything to help build awareness among their ideal audience. She’s worked with brands like Red Nose Day (Comic Relief), Austin Women’s Health Center, Presario Ventures, among others.

Before becoming a marketer, she worked in the arts as a museum docent and an assistant director in the film industry in New York City. She also ran her own children’s clothing company in which she hand-embroidered on each piece for five years.

In this episode, Danielle shares how she’s designed a life optimized around running her business and being a present mom and partner, tips for digital marketing and SEO, how and why she went from the arts world into the marketing industry, how we all need to calm down and be patient with ourselves because everything will be ok, and more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • what digital strategy is and why it’s important
  • going from taking any work to attracting the work you want
  • taking control of her workflow
  • why developing strategies and setting up systems creates more efficient execution
  • the truth behind the effects of SEO
  • tips for effective SEO
  • how she’s built a comfortable day as a mom, partner, and business owner
  • the value of paying experts for delegating and accountability
  • her goals for her business
  • challenges in showing her work
  • where she develops new business from
  • pricing tips for freelancers
  • how she’s optimized her life by design
  • why she transitioned from a career in the arts to marketing
  • transitioning her career for what best serves a specific life phase
  • making art just for yourself and close friends vs. sharing it with the world
  • wanting a clear vision for the context and story around her art before showing it
  • choosing to be present for her children over creating her art

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