*Photo by James Adam Taylor.*

Daniel Nickerson is a musician, music engineer, and program manager at The Creative Sanctuary in Arcata, CA. I met him when I was a resident at The Sanctuary this May. His dedication to the local arts community and producing genuine, authentic music and art is admirable.

In this episode, Daniel shares his approach to spending meaningful, lasting time with art. He also shares his vision of building a music label, how The Sanctuary is creating connections within the community, how their nonprofit community space works and sustains itself, and more. Listen above or on iTunes.

The Sanctuary is announcing their open call for artists residents next week for 2019 so keep an eye out for that! 

Show notes

In this episode, we covered:

  • Daniel’s plan to create a record label that prioritizes special experiences
  • The internet abyss and inherent lack of care when you release something
  • The value of spending quality time with less content (music, books, films)
  • The Sanctuary’s Community Supported Art (CSA) program
  • The Sanctuary’s effort to keep artists in Humboldt County
  • The economics of a small, remote arts community
  • The unique approach creatives in Humboldt County take to resourcefulness
  • Creating a safe and open place for creatives to make their work
  • Their approach to fostering connections within the Arcata community
  • How The Sanctuary sustains itself as a non-profit
  • How their artists in residence program works
  • The idea of a creative practice that enables people with different perspectives to share their work
  • Lessons in logistics of running a space and event planning
  • How doing shit you don’t want to do is growing up
  • Different forms of evidence of your impact
  • Practicing being interested in one thing at a time in a bigger way

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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