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Cody and Elizabeth Baldwin were the founders of En Root House, a hostel in Chatanooga, TN. Since our chat, they sold the house to someone who’s keeping it a hostel, fortunately. They’re currently driving across the U.S. with plans to move to Vietnam in January to root down and teach English for a bit. They’re also in the infancy stage of launching a new online business called Lyfe of Inquiry!

In this episode, we talked about the challenges and highlights of running a hostel, their approach to seeking personal growth, why they keep their goals vague, and how they stay true to their values, interests, and dreams. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we covered:

  • Their inspiration for starting En Root House
  • What kept them in Chatanooga for ten years + why they left
  • The importance of knowing your market + community when  opening a brick and mortar
  • The process of finding and buying a house they could turn into a hostel
  • How they sustained the hostel financially (Lizzy taught English online)
  • Adjusting to living with other people al the time
  • Other challenges they’ve faced in starting a business
  • Learning how to find their ideal audience and create a brand image
  • The special connections they’ve made hosting people from around the world
  • Why they’re moving to Vietnam
  • The role En Root House played in Chatanooga’s arts and culture community
  • Why tech companies are moving to Chatanooga
  • Issues with over-population and changing cultures in small-mid-sized cities
  • How they stay true to their interests, values, and dreams
  • How they tune into what does and doesn’t feel right for them

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