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Cat Scan is a southern California punk (if you had to pinhole them into one genre) band composed of David Evanko, Quincy Larsen, Ian Waters, Jeff Goodhart. They’ve been primarily a live band, gaining a loyal fanbase by performing music that feels honest to them. They may claim to be ‘the most unprofessional band ever’, but since we talked, they announced a deal with Volar Records and the release of their first album this spring. I’ve listened to it, and it shreds. (Who am I?)

The crew walked us through their journey and shared their insights on what it means to make genuine music today. We also talked about their inspirations, what it’s like being a band in LA, and other young bands making honest music. They’re also all walking encyclopedia of musical knowledge. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How they met and became a band
  • Their focus on being a live band and how they’re different from most other bands
  • How the recording process worked for them
  • Their non-plan plan for the future
  • What it means to make honest music
  • Playing Desert Daze
  • What it’s like being a band in LA
  • How their creative process is all about playing what they like
  • Oakland’s genuine music scene
  • What their songwriting process looks like
  • The value of listening to all different types of music
  • The greatness of The Eagles
  • How everyone got into music and what shaped their taste
  • Discovering music pre-internet + how they discover music now
  • Becoming friends with your idols
  • The beauty of comps

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