In this episode, I spoke with magical human, Caroline Partamian. Caroline is a musician and curator who has also spent time working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and just finished working on a book with artist Laurie Anderson. She curates her own projects about muscle memory and the process (relevant, I know). Additionally, she’s a trained dancer and is composing music for Eva Dean Dance Company, a dance company she helped manage.

She also started a zine called Weird Babes that gives artists a safe place to put works that aren’t necessarily ready to be seen in a show or a book, as well as their unfinished thoughts.

I first met Caroline when I booked her (recently defunct) band, Scully for an ACLU benefit show. That night, I learned about Caroline’s other areas of work and involvement in the creative community and knew she’d be great for this podcast.

In our conversation, we talk a lot about music and also inspiration, collaboration, the differences between Oakland’s and New York’s creative communities, making art during turbulent times, managing multiple projects at once, and more. Listen here and find show notes, the Weird Babes zine, and photos below. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • life is going to happen no matter what, you can’t control every element but you can control what you’re doing and how you approach those things
  • lessons and challenges in collaborating with fellow musicians and artists
  • the process of accepting constructive criticism
  • playing music with friends
  • why it’s harder to share your solo art and how to overcome there / where to find support
  • finding inspiration in New York City
  • finding and building a creative community
  • making art during turbulent times
  • how to manage multiple projects, you just have to do the work
  • finding peace in a chaotic place like New York
  • embracing her perspective as an Armenian and first-generation immigrants’ child

Books, podcasts, and resources she mentioned:

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