Brea Grant is an actress, director, writer, producer, comic book and graphic novel creator, and podcaster. She’s a busy woman. Much of her work is focused on the horror and sci-fi genres. She’s played characters on Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Dexter, and has starred in several films.

She co-wrote and co-directed the apocalyptic feature, Best Friends Foreverwhich premiered at Slamdance.  She also directed the award-winning and very funny short, Feminist Campfire StoriesShe wrote and created the Nerdist series, The Real Housewives of Horror and has written multiple comic books including “We Will Bury You” and the “Suicide Girls” comic. She produced the third season of the Emmy-nominated show LGBT series, EastSiders, which can currently be seen on Netflix.

Brea recently directed an episode of the comedy series, Dirtbags and co-wrote the feature film, I Can’t Be Trusted with Time Travel, which is currently in post-production. Finally, she does a weekly podcast on the Maximum Fun network about reading and books called Reading Glasses.

We had a great conversation and lots of laughs about the realities of working in the entertainment industry and finding your way. Brea also gave us an inside look into how the casting and writing processes work, how the industry has changed, and her personal path to doing what she loves full-time. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we covered:

  • Where her interest in horror and sci-fi came from
  • The art of putting politics into genre work
  • Taking acting classes to build her public speaking confidence
  • Moving from Texas to LA
  • Working as a freelance script reader and coverage expert
  • What it was like serving people juices while being on Friday Night Lights
  • The casting and audition process
  • How much acting is about being in the right place at the right time
  • The challenge of admitting that working on your art is what you want
  • Becoming more sensitive with age
  • How residuals work
  • Brea’s super helpful time management techniques
  • How she blocks of time for creative work she’s not paid for
  • The importance of goal-setting and working backward to stay motivated
  • How she gained control of her destiny through creative work
  • Why we should all be less self-deprecating

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