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Bobbilee Hartman is the founder of Lodged Out, the organizer of Rails Camp retreats in the U.S., and has been an engineer for the past five years. Over the past year, she has begun to transition out of her engineering career to work on Lodged Out full-time. Through Lodged Out, Bobbilee offers outdoorsy, unplugged retreats. She runs one public retreat a year and organizes private, custom events for groups. 

In this episode, Bobbilee shares what it’s been like growing into her role as an entrepreneur, founder, and business leader. We talk about challenges faced, lessons learned, tools used, and more. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we covered:

  • How she learned to code
  • How Rails Camp worked and what she saw when developers unplugged
  • Challenges and lessons in monetizing events
  • The importance and ROI of a business coach
  • How she knew her coach was the right one
  • Learning how to delegate and automate
  • Lessons in pricing and finding a business model that works
  • The fears she faced in quitting her job to focus on Lodged Out and how she overcame them
  • How she saved enough money to do so and ways she’s spent less since
  • Her evolving relationship with money
  • Saying no to things that cost money and time
  • The value of being able to choose how she spends her day
  • How she prioritizes her tasks
  • Gaining the confidence to own what she does from becoming an engineer to becoming a founder
  • Taking things one day at a time
  • How she finds balance in life in Minneapolis

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