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Ashley Smith is the founder of into the Heart, a spiritually-based practice utilizing ancient healing modalities to open people up to their whole selves. It’s a process-based experience — a space for people to commit themselves to get to know their true essence. She offers sacred tea ceremonies, intuitive energetic healing, bespoke rituals, and yoga and meditation classes. She’s also one of my oldest and dearest friends. 🙂

In this episode, we discuss menstrual cycles and how cycle syncing helps us get stuff done when we have the energy and allows us to rest and honor ourselves when we don’t. We also cover self-preserving communication, how to let life unfold as it’s intended, tactical ways to overcome the challenges and fears we face, how to protect our energy, Kundalini yoga, and a whole lot more. Listen above or on iTunes.

Show notes

In this episode, we covered:

  • The life-changing benefits of cycle syncing and honoring yourself
  • How to communicate with clients/colleagues/peers when you’re not 100%
  • What it means to ‘flow in the feminine’ and meeting life where it’s at
  • The difference (and fine line) between practicing mindfulness and avoidance
  • Why Ashley treats her menstrual cycle as seasons
  • How familial and societal programming creates blocks within us
  • Uncovering who we are underneath all that programming
  • How these imprints impact more sensitive and emotional people than others
  • Exploring the two worlds in which we live: the physical and nonordinary (theta state)
  • The importance and value of compensation for energy work
  • Healing practices you can do on your own for free
  • What Kundalini yoga is
  • An exercise for protecting your energy field
  • How to work through projections with any type of partner
  • A tactical approach to overcoming the challenges and fears we face faster
  • The importance of dancing

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