Andy Byers is a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary artist. He’s a filmmaker and also a sculptor. He’s a set and prop designer who also creates window displays and dreams up new worlds for any occasion. He makes puppets and costumes and acts with them too. He’s had work shown in several museums including the Smithsonian Zoo, the Wolfsonian Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum, among many others.

He’s worked with major brands on film shoots and set designs. He collaborated with Isabella Rossellini on her Green Porno series and the live play, Link Link Circus. He has created more works than we have room to list and continues to create every day.

In this episode, we dive into how Andy became an artist, his fascination with certain painters, his experience becoming an ordained minister and how that experience deepened his connection to the universe, the impact art school had on him, the importance of developing compassion for yourself, learning how to do anything on the fly, the art and beauty of collaboration, how he sustains his life and work, defining success, and more.

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In this episode, we talked about:

  • how Andy first got into painting
  • how his mother’s job as a flower arranger influenced him
  • how art school changed his life and projector
  • his experience becoming a fully ordained gospel minister as a teenager and how religion helped him at a young age until a certain point
  • how that experience laid a foundation of having a deep connection to himself and the universe
  • his fascination with Van Gogh at a young age
  • how a dark family past continues to inform his art today
  • the fundamentals of understanding the details of the materials you work with and how they fit together
  • the value of simple ideas
  • how he came to work with Isabella Rosellini
  • the film he’s spent the last year working on
  • why he works with paper
  • how he got into filmmaking
  • doing everything himself to learn how to delegate later
  • what listening to the Grateful Dead has taught him about collaboration
  • switching between art practices
  • how his work sustains his life
  • how he defines success
  • what method acting for art has taught him about himself

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