Many of the friends I’ve made over the past five years have been random online friends turned real life friends scattered around the world. Andrew J. Coate falls under that category. He currently works as a product marketer for a little website you may have heard called Facebook in Austin, TX.

In a past life, he has been a musician, manager, tour manager, festival organizer, and all-around can-do-anything person. We met somewhere in between the two when we were both working in content marketing for tech startups.

Andrew’s life story has a consistent theme: people taking a risk on him. People seeing an opportunity and thinking, “eh, he can probably do this.” Of course, what they really see is someone who is accountable and who has proven himself to be hardworking and productive.

In this episode, we talk about creating your own opportunities, taking an unconventional approach to work and life, carrying skills over from various experiences, why we do tough things, being desperate and broke, and a bunch about music and organizing live events. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • creating your own opportunities by doing what you want to do
  • getting jobs by making connections among your skills regardless of relevancy
  • figuring out how to make things work as you go
  • organizing music festivals, shows, and tours
  • how strong you have to be to support other people for a living
  • desperation and being broke
  • why we do tough things
  • the importance of relationships, being accountable, and patience
  • being prepared for life’s twists and turns
  • how bitterness can suck your energy

Books, podcasts, and resources he mentioned:

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