Amanda Guest is the founder and GM of, an internet community radio station based in San Francisco, CA. Amanda has a long history of working in college and community radio while balancing full-time jobs in marketing and publishing. We talk about that, lessons learned in running a community organization, the importance of process and delegation, the future of, the Bay Area music scene, and a whole lot more. Listen above or on iTunes or Spotify.

Show notes

In this episode, we talk about:

  • her past as a college radio host and GM
  • how she got space for the studio
  • how was born
  • changing their revenue model to shift the financial burden from the DJs
  • fostering a supportive and tight-knit community among their DJs
  • managing full-time work with running a radio station
  • working to make the station sustainable long-term through delegation and new revenue models
  • their approach to curating live shows
  • the state of the music scene in SF
  • hard lessons learned in treating the station as a business vs fun project
  • processes and structures they’re putting into place now
  • the process of giving up control as a founder
  • the importance of your team knowing and embracing your vision
  • the role of design in audience engagement and donations
  • the relationship between corporate funding and the arts
  • how to apply to be a DJ

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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